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Spin A Win Portable - download and play. No installation needed. You can place various
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23 December 2009

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The spinning wheel games are quite popularly known as the gambler’s wheels due to their wide presence in Casinos, Malls, Restaurants etc. Some of the old and famous wheel games in this category are Slot machines and Roulette. A person places the bet on the outcome of the spin when the wheel stops and all the time the wheels is spinning, the person betting his/her stake is seen staring at the wheel in a hope that the wheels brings a quick fortune for the player. If you are passionate about such games, then you may feel a limitation due to the real stakes that the actual game demands. In such a case, you must definitely consider Spin A Win Portable v.1.5 as a viable option.

Spin A Win Portable by Real-3D-Games is a freeware spinning wheel game. The entire game has a chrome colored interface with the main wheel placed at the center and logically arranged buttons and tabs for placing the bets and spinning the wheel. Before spinning the wheel, you have to bet a certain amount of money which can be chosen by clicking on the bet area for increasing the total stake. You can clear your last bet by clicking on clear last or can clear all the bets by clicking Clear All. The total sum of money on stake can be easily viewed in a box on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and the money available can be seen in the bottom on the left hand side. You can place your bet on a number in the wheel, range of outcome, color of the number, even or odd number and, higher or lower number than the previous outcome.

Spin A Win Portable v.1.5 is, overall, the kind of game which any fan of wheel games can not afford to overlook and above all, you can just download this game and start playing without any installations. Hence, it receives a score of three out of five.

Publisher's description

Spin A Win Portable - download and play. No installation needed.
You can place various bets on where the spinning wheel will stop. Click on the bet areas to increase your bet. Click on Clear Last to cancel the last bet or Clear All to cancel all bets on the table. The amount you have bet on any bet area, is shown on the top of that bet area. Your total stake (sum of all bets for the next round) is displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. Each of the bets has a different payout, written on the corresponding bet area.
Any one number - bet on the exact number the wheel will stop on.
Range - this area is located in the lower left corner of the screen. There are three ranges: 1 to 8, 9 to 16, 17 to 24. You win, if the wheel stops on a number that is located within the range you bet on.
Colors - bet on one or two colors. You win, if the wheel stops on a number of that color.
Last digit - bet on the last digit of the spin result. You win if the result has the right last digit. For example, betting on 3 will win if the spin result is 3, 13 or 23.
Odd/Even - bet on whether the result is odd or even.
Higher/Lower - bet on whether the next result is higher or lower than the previous result. You cannot place this bet on the first spin (since there is no previous result). Also, you cannot place the "higher" bet, if the result is 1, 2 or 24; and you cannot place the "lower" bet if the result is 1, 23 or 24. Both "higher" and "lower" bets lose on a tie (if the result is equal to the previous result).
When finished placing bets, click Spin . After the wheel has stopped, your bets will be settled. You can then click Rebet to place the same bets again.
Spin A Win Portable
Spin A Win Portable
Version 1.5
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